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Blues Broers! - Photo courtesy of Terri Boshoff

Only once before have I seen Dave Patlansky perform live, which was at the (new) Dorpstraat Teater earlier this year. I suffered a total audio receptacle blowout due to the unbelievable technique I witnessed on stage. I have never seen or heard anybody play with such passion live. So on Saturday, Clyde, the Feedback Friday – Spidey Edition winner, and I drove to the Gordon’s Bay Waterfront where the Berties Mooring Pub and Restaurant is situated. R20.00 got us in (a bargain considering the excellent artists that play there). Right from the start, the door lady informed us that the restaurant was packed out. She was right, there was not an open chair or table in sight (and we arrived an hour early!). Seems like the word got out since there were no mention of the gig on Berties website. 

As we squeezed our way through the crowds in the smoky restaurant and grabbed a couple of beers, we settled to a corner where we could at least see the stage. Dan Patlansky and the band got on and opened with an incredible Blues Ballad, which got us in the right mood for an evening of True Blues

Dan’s guitar arsenal consists of “The Red” a 1962 Fender Stratocaster, “The Yellow” a 1957 re-issue Fender slide guitar and “The Beast” a 1960 Fender custom. With these three instruments he took us on a journey through different styles of Blues and then some of his own unique interpretations. Half way through one of Dan’s monumental solos, I had a look through the crowd. Many listeners had their eyes closed as they were whisked away by his soulful melodic picking of the strings, just to be swept up and succumbing to the urge to play air guitar when Dan picks up the pace with some awesome Rock Blues. 

Dan and The Beast

Even I found myself yelling out an untimely “Whoo-hoo!” which made the crowd in front of me turn around, shaking their heads dismissively (I even think that one girl mouthed the words “rookie” in my direction). I could not help myself. You have to be dead not to be moved in some way by Dan’s infectious music. 

The only hiccup that evening was the drunken heckler that was shouting profanities just to attract attention. The fact that his teeth weren’t knocked out was a sheer miracle. Dan and the boys wasn’t bothered by this cretin at all and kept on playing their Blessed Blues Brains out. 

Dan Patlansky is a truly talented artist and if you have not seen him live, you have not experienced awesome Blues.  

  • Berties Mooring is a family run restaurant and was established in 1994. I frequently visit the restaurant for its great views, good food and fantastic live performances.
  • Dan Patlansky is one of the most respected Blues artists ever produced from South Africa! See the video below of Dan at the Splashy Fen in 2009

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I was supposed to be post a blog yesterday, but was tied down with some wine deliveries in Cape Town. So I thought that I might as well use this opportunity to do a photo blog!

So I filled my travel mug with some fresh Mojo and planted my Ipod in my ears with AC/DC, Gerald Clark, Foo Fighters and Albert Frost. (nothing like Rock and Blues for a road trip!)

Now I need a big tub of Fresh Cream

I set my course along the Annandale Road to the N2 past the Zetler Strawberry farms. Thanks to these guys they have kept us supplied with fresh strawberries and living in the winelands we also have a non-stop supply of bubbly or wine… That is why I love living in the winelands. So much diversity. All we need now is some dairy farms to give us some cream… and let the romance begin!

REALLY FRESH burgers and milk

Soon my little cows… real soon…

Hitting the N2, I was whisked back to my tour guide days, where tourists would ask me about the shanty towns known as Khayelitsha, Langa and Gugulethu. It always suprising to see how so many people can live in utter poverty while others drive luxury sedans and live the high live… I find myself in the middle.

Click on the picture to see faith

It also reminds me of that Phil Collins song, “Another Day In Paradise“. Think twice when you sleep warmly in YOUR bed.
One of my (less) favourite land marks are the two coal electricity towers close to Athlone, weren’t this in the news lately to be demolished? I can’t seem to remember.

What was that 2nd book of Lord of the Rings called again?

Going through Rondebosch, there are some great sites like the University of Cape Town, legendary institution of  higher learning, young students… and a windmill…

Ahh the Dutch

When the Dutch arrived in the Cape in 1652 there was very little infrastructure and it was the task of van Riebeeck to build a fort for the protection of his people as well as to plant gardens to supply Dutch ships calling at the Cape with fresh produce. The gardens were a mammoth task and soon van Riebeeck found that he needed labour to work in them. The VOC (Dutch East India Company) introduced slaves into the Cape to work in the gardens. Even with these additional people the refreshment station could not cope with the demand and so the VOC allowed staff members who had completed their contracts to stay on at the Cape and gave them farms so that they could produce food for the colony. These ex employees became known as free burghers.
Over the years the free burghers branched out and planted different crops amongst them wheat. As the supply of wheat grew so did the demand for wheat products necessitating the building of mills to crush the wheat for flour.

Driving through Constantia is always nice albeit a bit depressing knowing that I will never be able to live in this neck of the woods. Thus, I got great pleasure sitting in the bakkie listening to Jack Parow’sCooler as ekke?” at full volume, while I’m skeefing out the woman next to me driving her Mercedes-Benz Kompressor.

Dink JYS cooler as ekke?

Anyway, delivered wine at destination #1, so next stop Cape Town, The Mother City herself!


I love Cape Town and the cool thing is that I live close enough to go visit, but far enough to enjoy the quieter country life.
Wine delivery #2 was successful and by now have worked up a mighty hunger.
I asked Spit or Swallow what would be a good suggestion for lunch. They recommended me to the Shawarma Express in Long Street. Brilliant! I love Shawarmas.
“Get in MAH belly!


I must admit, for a major city Cape Town is not quite hyped up about the World Cup as what I heard from what is happening in Johannesburg and the surrounding areas, but yet you see a lot of flags, and vuvuzelas (Yes foreigners, get used to it. It is here to stay!) and the GEES is HERE, you can feel it as you walk down the streets of Cape Town, which networks through the city like lit up neutrons.

Lekker Long Street

Right, quick stop in Table View, then back to the farm. I need some on road inspiration, via…


Rock on!

Some good eating on one of those...

Driving into the farm, I am reminded that I live in a great country, with all its colours and diversity. Yes, we have our difficulties, but damn it’s a wonderful country to live in. I love it and so should you…

Go South Africa!

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